Classic Movie Night

June 26, 2017
November 2, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:45 pm

September 7 at 6:30pm

 Rear Window

(Paramount, 1954, 112 minutes)

 While convalescing from a broken leg, action photographer L.B. Jeffries (James Stewart) wiles away the hours by keeping tabs on the comings and goings of his neighbors across the courtyard.  To ease the boredom, “Jeff” starts to imagine possible storylines that would explain all of the interesting behaviors of his neighbors.  Visiting him during his recovery are nurse Stella (Thelma Ritter) and  girlfriend Lisa Fremont (Grace Kelly).  Soon the threesome is “supposing” and “what iffing” with wild abandon.  Then one of the neighbors mysteriously disappears and the group starts to devise a plan to find out what happened.  This is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpieces of suspense!

October 5 at 6:30pm

 The Producers

(Embassy Pictures, 1968, 88 minutes)

 Failing Broadway producer Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel) has been reduced to scamming elderly widows in a Ponzi scheme in order to come up with enough money to live on.  Desperate, Max hires a new accountant, Leo Blooom (Gene Wilder), to help him figure a way out.  After scouring Max’s ledger books, Leo offhandedly  mentions that Max would actually be better off financially if he were to produce an absolute flop, keep the investors’ money and flee the country.  Determined to find the worst project ever, Max and Leo arrange to produce a musical entitled “Springtime for Hitler,” sure that it will be a complete and utter failure.    This is a comedy that only Mel Brooks could write and direct!


November 2 at 6:30pm

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

(Columbia, 1939, 129 minutes)

Through a series of behind the scenes political dealings, town hero and organizer of the Boy Rangers Jefferson Smith (James Stewart) finds himself the newly appointed junior senator for his state.  The state’s senior senator, Joseph Paine (Claude Rains) has hooked up with political boss Jim Taylor (Edward Arnold) on a pork barrel project and the goal is to keep Jeff in the dark about it.  After Senator Smith takes office, he starts in earnest to draft legislation that he feels will benefit his state and the country.  Assisting him is legislative assistant and secretary Clarissa Sanders (Jean Arthur) who winces each time Jeff runs headfirst into the intractable bureaucracy that is Washington.  Known for James Stewart’s filibuster scene on the Senate floor, this is one of Frank Capra’s best films

December 7 at 6:30pm

 Miracle on 34th Street

(20th Century Fox, 1947, 96 minutes)

Negatively impacted by a failed marriage, Macy’s department store Santa coordinator, Doris Walker (Maureen O’Hara), has reached a cynical point in her life which she has passed on to her young daughter, Susan (Natalie Wood).  When Macy’s Santa Claus shows up intoxicated for the Thanksgiving Day parade, Doris replaces him with Kris Kringle (Edmund Gwenn), who purports to be the “real” Santa.  Kris is a holiday Santa like no other, even encouraging Macy’s shoppers to purchase certain products from Gimbel’s because they are of better quality.  Eventually, Kris’ continued assertions that he is the “real” Santa get him in hot water with the authorities who feel that he is mentally incompetent



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