Planning for College

March 29, 2017
September 28, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

College Funding Educators of America is a comprehensive college planning solution that provides parents with the knowledge they need to make informed college decisions with and for their children.  The cost of college education is daunting and most parents are unprepared emotionally and financially for the major life transition of sending their child to college.  Our workshop arms parents with the information they need to effectively select, prepare, and pay for college without jeopardizing their life savings.

In this program, families will learn:
-How to choose schools offering the BEST financial aid
-Why an expensive Private College can actually cost less out of pocket than a State College
-How families can save for college without being penalized on their financial aid.
-How to reduce your cost of tuition when your kids are ready for college.
-How to pay for college without it jeopardizing your retirement.
-The importance of filing your FAFSA and doing it without rejection or mistakes.
-How to earn up to one full year of college tuition credits.
There is limited seating, please call or email the library to register
Phone:  330-657-2291
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